How To Design A Professional Website (Part 2)

- A Step-by-step Guide

May 27th 2018

Written by: Collins Okuwe

Welcome to part two of how to design a professional website without coding. Ever since we published part one of this post, we’ve been getting lots of commendation and appreciation from countless number of persons. I want to really say thanks for appreciating the good work that we put into creating that post. We are happy it has helped a lot of people to see what they can achieve. We are glad a good number of persons have already started out implementing what they learnt from it and have started achieving something meaningful with the information. We are always looking out to be of help and we enjoy seeing people succeed. Please do well to share your success story with us as well either in the comments section at the end of this post, via email ( or whatsapp – 08133187556.

In part one of this post, we said there is one question that is very necessary to be answered before we ever venture into designing or building a website. That question is: Are we designing offline or online? We said the answer to this question will determine the route we will follow in other for us to design our site. This therefore means that we must have that question answered first and foremost before we can begin.

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