Finally Say Goodbye To Hair Breakage and Grow Long Natural Hair

Now you can grow your natural hair super fast and give it that exceptional look

Andrea Hair Growth Oil - For Both Men & Women

Anti hair loss & super fast hair growth essential oil


ONLY #8,000


When you comb or touch your hair, does it snap and break easily? Are you suffering with breakage from a relaxer? Do you have stunted hair growth? Today you can put a stop to the breakage and stimulate natural hair growth.

One thing that no one looks forward to or appreciates is looking in the mirror and seeing bald patches or finding several strands of hair in the hairbrush each morning. Do you know that on average, one loses 50-200 hairs a day? That’s a lot isn’t it? Of course you need to worry about that. Naturally the average human head has 100,000 strands with new ones growing daily to replace those that fall. But the natural process of hair growth is slow for a lot of people.

Experts strongly suggest the use of hair growth stimulants as a great way to grow a longer natural hair fast and among these stimulants, essential oil ranks at the top. Andrea hair growth essential oil is your best bet!

Why Andrea Essential Oil

Can make a difference in as little as 4-5 weeks

Makes the Hair Grow 2-3 times Faster than the Normal Growing Speed

Helps grow hair longer

It can moisturize and nourish any type of hair and enhance growth whether it is straight, curly, oily, normal, etc.

It's natural botanicals help nourish both the scalp and hair strands

Helps make the hair strands strong

Helps restore the scalp and enhance the follicles

Grow Healthy Thick Long Hair

How To Use It

Add 3 ml (10 – 20 drops) of Andrea Hair Growth Essence into 100 ml shampoo and stir it evenly. After that wash your hair/beard with warm water. Apply the mixture (hair growth essence and shampoo). Allow it to stay for four minutes on hair and then wash it off with warm water again. 

Mix 4-6 drops with shampoo, then massage onto scalp for 3 minutes to make the essence to absorb well on the scalp. For easier use, add 3-6 ml into 100 ml Shampoo and mix evenly. Use as you normally wash your hair & use your hand to rub your hair and massaging the scalp with fingertips 2-3 Min. Then rinse off with warm water. Can be used for daily hair wash.

NOTE: Not for pregnant women

What Customers Are Saying

I have been using the product for about three weeks now and I have seen some improvements. It works wonders
I have made several orders and I'm very happy using the product
It's very good. I'm using it not for the first time. Less hair fall out and new ones grow. I wash my head and apply a few drops on the scalp and rub. I'm happy with the result
It's my 2nd order. 2 bottles used and just look at my baby hair, how long and strong they grew already!
Product came after 5 days and arrived in good package. Match the description. Have not tried it yet. Will send in more reviews after use. Lol
The product is wonderful… Added to my shampoo, as instructed and in 30 days already got results. My hair grew.

How To Order

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Once we confirm your payment, we will send your package. 

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Shipping & Refund Policy

All orders are shipped within 4-7 days. We offer a 7 day return window that meet the requirements for return eg the product is damaged as a result of shipping. Please do not place order if you are not ready to receive your order within 4 -7 days.

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