Digital Marketing Strategy That Works To Sell Any Type Of Product Or Services Online And Grow Your Business

- The Billion-Dollar Framework

August 8th 2018

Written by: Collins Okuwe

Most small businesses and even a lot of the big and well known brands when it comes to online marketing, don’t have any form of digital marketing going on. Even the very few that say they do, don’t have a strategy in place. They do tactics! They read, hear or someone tells them about Facebook  or social media marketing as well as google ads…. they go try it out and it doesn’t work as they expected. They get fed up and then conclude that online channels doesn’t work generally, or maybe it doesn’t work in their industry. How wrong they are! The truth is it’s not that it doesn’t work but rather, they don’t know how to make it work and they don’t have a strategy in place. PERIOD!

Today, I’m going to give you an overview of a digital marketing strategy that works to sell stuff online and which you can apply in your business to sell more and grow your brand. By the time you’re done with this, you would have the blueprint on how to use the internet and social media to sell literally ANYTHING online, promote ANY business and grow ANY brand.

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As a digital marketing expert, I get the opportunity to meet with and talk to a lot of entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing experts across various industries and one of the first questions I ask them each time is what they are doing on Facebook. I do this for two reasons. First, I want to know if they have any form of digital marketing going on for their brand. Second, I want to know what their social media strategy is, if they have any at all. 99% percent of the time, the response I get is sad. What they tell me is: we are on social media, we get a lot of video views and a lot of shares and comments when we post, we have “X” number of page likes, we have “X” number of followers, we have “X” number of fans, blah blah blah… Sometimes, they get a few clicks and maybe a few sales but not as they quite expected. In a nutshell, they’re not doing digital marketing and their social media marketing is zero. That’s all they feel there is to social media marketing. Imagine the massive wastage of opportunity for sales. How sad and myopic!

This changes everything. By the time you are done reading this post, you would have the basic information and knowledge on how to grow and scale your business and brand leveraging the power of digital marketing and social media. You would have the framework to sell any kind of product or services online. My goal here is to give you the basic understanding on how to sell stuff online, whether products or services. This is the exact same framework used by multi-billion dollar brands to generate massive sales online and grow their brand. Let’s dive in.


Every successful marketing campaign is only successful because it is backed with and runs on a solid, tested and proven STRATEGY. One big problem I see every now and then when people involved in sales, online marketers and even big brands when it comes to selling online is the fact that their sales campaign lacks strategy. A lot of people who sell or try to sell and promote their brands online do not really understand how to use the internet to sell. Two people can set out to sell the exact same product online, having the same resources. Strategy is the reason why one will only sell one or two products while the other goes on to sell ten, twenty and even more of that same product all within the same time frame. STRATEGY!

The marketing strategy behind any campaign is a key determinant of the success or failure of that campaign. It doesn’t really matter how good the product is, when there is a flaw in the marketing campaign (strategy), the product will not do well in sales. It is worthy to note here that I am not in any way suggesting that a crappy product will do well either. A crappy product will definitely fail. Your product has to be top notch and meet the need of your target audience. Here’s the cruise of the matter: A fairly good product backed with effective marketing strategy will always do better in sales and greatly out-perform even the best product in that industry with a flawed marketing campaign strategy. Sometimes the biggest brands are not always the ones with the best products in their industry. But there’s something about them that makes them stand out. It’s called strategy!

When it comes to selling online, there is a right way to go about it. You need an effective strategy in place to be successful. Before I give you an overview of the framework, there’s a couple of few things and key mistakes people make when they try to sell or promote their business/brand online and which you need to know and fix if you want to be successful online.


  1. Lack of understanding and misuse of digital marketing technology

The number one mistake I see people make is: trying to sell directly off of social media. They don’t have a website where prospective buyers can click through to in other to get more information about the product. I see people post product image and a few information about the product as well as their sales pitch on Instagram, Facebook and the likes asking people to buy now, send Whatsapp message or call to place their order. BIG MISTAKE! Of course you can make a few sales doing this but the truth is; for every sale you manage to close, you are actually throwing away 9 sales.

For some brands that do have a website, they make the crucial mistake of not using landing pages, they don’t have pixels installed on their site. They don’t have custom audiences set up, they’re not tracking, they’re not doing retargeting, and worse still, they’re not capturing leads.

  1. Failing to understand the rule of multiple touch points

Normally, you would think that when someone is interested in or searching for say “human hair” online, it means that they want and are ready to buy it. Well, that’s not exactly the case, particularly on social media. There’s a completely different mentality when people are on social media and you need to understand this fact. It’s called social media, not sales media. People are there to socialize with friends and family members. There’re there to see what’s happening around their friends, families and community and also to have others see what’s happening around them. They’re on these platforms to share and consume content, which can be in the form of videos, picture, text or a combination of any of these. They’re not there to buy your products or services. Of course you can sell (you should be selling) on social media but not the way you are thinking. That people are active on the various digital and social media platforms creates enormous opportunities for massive sales but there’s a right way to go about it. There’s a lot of studies showing the fact that you need a minimum of 6-10 touch points before someone becomes interested and ready to give you their money to become a customer or client.  This is the rule of multiple touch points. A “touch point” is any moment that someone comes in contact with your brand. That could include seeing an advert, seeing  a post on social media, visiting your website, receiving an email from you… any kind of interaction. This marketing theory suggests it takes an average of 7 of these touch points before someone feels comfortable enough with your brand to make a purchase. Whether you believe that theory or not, the key takeaway is that potential customers and clients are constantly evaluating you, your brand and your products. It’s unlikely that they are willing to buy on first contact. According to a Google Report, 70% of Americans look at product reviews before making a purchase. Generally, this applies to potential customers and clients everywhere, though the percentage may vary from country to country. They are looking to see if they can trust you, your product and your brand before they buy or become a client. This concern increases with the price of a product.

They need to have seen, interacted and engaged with your brand for at least six times before they develop the interest in becoming a customer. If your marketing campaign is not designed with this in mind, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Hitting them right away on your first touch point with the message “buy my product” is a big mistake and the pathway to zero sales or at best, very poor sales.

  1. Failing to lead with value and build relationship

What we seek to achieve with the multiple touch points is to build value, relationship and ultimately, build purchase intent. You need to build that value and purchase intent. This is where your marketing should begin. Your sales pitch should come at the latter stage and not at your first touch point. People buy from brands they know, like and trust. You want to get your target audience to know, like and trust your brand, before going for the sale. The goal of marketing is to first build this trust. Once you have achieved this, it becomes easier for you to sell to them.

We build this trust and purchase intent using content – blog posts, social media posts, emails, e-brochures, PDF guides, videos etc.

The Billion-Dollar Framework For Marketing and Selling  Online

Few years ago, what worked when it comes to selling online can be described as follows…

Get a product
Setup a website to sell the product
Send traffic to your website to sell the product

Not anymore! The game is fast changing.

The model above worked 6+ years back but it doesn’t work currently anymore in the online world or at best, yield very poor result that can lead to frustration.

Surprisingly, I see a lot of folks who still parade marketing campaigns online that are even worse than this model. They have one or more elements of this old model missing in their marketing campaign, and most of the time, it is the second element – they don’t have a website. BIG MISTAKE! What some amateurs do in trying to sell online is: they get an image/graphic of their product, post it online (maybe on social media with the message order now, call to place your order or DM me if interested).

While the above marketing model may work to an extent, there’s very limited success for anyone going that route. Now if your tactics for selling stuff online is as the model outlined above or something similar, you will want to make a SWITCH today if you want to see success.

Today, a SMART marketer will follow a completely different route that is built on “SYSTEMS”, “STRATEGY” and “AUTOMATION”. There is a SYSTEM for marketing and selling online. I call it the billion dollar framework for selling online, and I mean selling ANYTHING! This is the exact same framework used by multi-billion dollar brands to sell their products online and grow their brand.

You see my dear, every successful marketing campaign has these three CORE pillars…


Now let me give you a scenario. . .

Imagine someone saw your post, either on social media – which could be a video, text, image or a combination of any of them – or on your blog. 1, 2 or 3 weeks later, you get a sales alert telling you you just made a sale for one of your products without you doing ANYTHING else to get the person to place the order. Just a post on social media or a blog, THAT’S ALL!

Imagine how it would feel like getting 5, 10, 15 or more sales alert coming in per day?  Let’s assume it’s a product that sells for N15,000 ($45) and you’re getting just 10 sales coming in from that product alone… That’s N150,000 ($450) per day per product! Would that make any difference at all in your business?

The customer only saw your content on social media or on your blog/website and then your marketing system is triggered to follow up with the customer and finally the sale is closed, without you lifting a finger. Is this making sense at all? This is a game changer and the NEW way to scale a business MASSIVELY and STRESS FREE! 

To understand this framework, you need to first understand the formula on which it operates. When it comes to marketing and selling online, I mean selling anything – whether product or services, there is a formula. Yes, it’s an age old formula and it always works if you know how to deploy and use it.

The age old formula . . .

  • Build a list/audience
  • Build and nurture a relationship with your audience
  • Sell them stuff

It’s that simple. Simple and straight forward. This formula when implemented properly to ANY business model can be the difference between obscurity and  a business/brand being the topic of discussion in your industry. It is the key to massive sales of products and services and generating tons of customers and clients.

Bearing this formula in mind, we can now go on to map out the entire framework. If this resonates with you and you want a complete breakdown of this entire framework and how it can be implemented in your business to help you sell more and grow your business/brand,  here’s a short video that walks you through, plus a downloadable PDF guide (e-book) of the framework. We’ll send it to you instantly via messenger. Simply click “send it to me via messenger” below.

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